Ingersoll Watches

Ingersoll has a long standing reputation, stemming back nearly 120 years, for providing superb quality, mechanically sound, automated timepieces noted for their precision and affordability. Ingersoll launched their new Bison collection in 2007, a resounding success due to the brand’s ongoing commitment to style, attention to quality and concern for value. 

Ingersoll, founded by brothers Richard and Charles, pioneered the first American watches that used automated production technologies back in 1892; it was the first of many technological milestones the Ingersoll brothers achieved in developing high quality, precise, affordable wrist and pocket watches. 

Over the decades, Ingersoll has played an integral part in society, most notably:

  • 1896: launch of the ‘Dollar Watch’. Over one million sales made
  • 1933: the first Ingersoll Mickey Mouse watch was sold. By 1935, sales had reached 2.5 million and in 1957 the 25 millionth watch was personally presented to Walt Disney. Production ceased in 1971.
  • 1950’s: Hollywood stars featured on Ingersoll watch faces (Marilyn Monroe) and Ingersoll began featuring on Hollywood stars’ wrists (James Dean).
  • 1989: Ingersoll become part of the Zeon Ltd empire; Britain’s largest watch importer
  • 2007: the extremely successful Bison range is launched, which today is a popular collection among discerning buyers who value style at affordable prices.

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